Unlimited Membership

As low as $15 *Starting November 1st

That’s right! Sign up and get DAILY WASHES at our lowest price. Enrolling can be done fast and easy online or at one of our locations. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Our plan gives you the ease of automated monthly billing with no contract. Cancel at anytime 7 days prior to your bill date.

Ultimate Wash Plan Terms and Conditions:
1) Island Time Car Wash promises to deliver the agreed upon services as advertised whenever the customer or customer’s agent presents the authorized vehicle for washing, provided the account remains current and the car wash is open for business. 2) The customer agrees not to transfer the sticker from the authorized vehicle. 3) Island Time Car Wash will provide the customer 30 days’ notice of any service fee price change. 4) The customer agrees to give Island Time Car Wash written notice of termination seven (7) days prior to billing date. 5) The customer agrees to hold Island Time Car Wash harmless in the event the Company’s services have closed early or failed to open for any reason. 6) Island Time Car Wash retains the right to terminate the Wash Club membership for any reason and will rebate the prorated portion of unused monthly service fee. 7) Wash Club membership is for personal use only – no commercial accounts. 8) Program cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.